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Monsters vs. Robots

Platform: Unity, Jam-O-Drum Custom Arcade Table

Role: UI/UX Designer, Environment Artist

Project Description

This was a team project to create a game for a unique platform. The circular table is about 6 feet across, and each player is standing equally distanced around the circumference. In front of each player is a control wheel, and in the center of the wheel is a single large button (padded for smashing). There is a projector above the table which projects the game and interface onto the tables.


  • Created all 3D art using Maya and Substance Painter

  • Created all 2D User Interface using Adobe Illustrator and Unity

  • Animated power ups using Unity Visual Scripting​

  • Concept Art

UI/UX Design

Experience Design/Concept Art


Producer/Sound Designer - Gillian Ryan

2D Character Artist/Animator - Angelina Tu

Programmer - Jeffery Liu

Programmer - Tanvi Ganu

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