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Platform: BigMR (Quest 2 and HTC Vive trackers)

Role: Experience Designer, User Researcher

Counter-clockwise: Desktop camera; view from my VR headset; 'birds-eye' view from Unity

Project Description

BigMR is a custom Mixed Reality (MR) platform combining existing VR technology in a large 30’ x 30’ space, making use of Passthrough and physical props. The goal was to come up with a new way for people to understand move through space. The deliverable was to create a new platform which other creators would be able to build upon.

My Contributions

  • Designed demos to illustrate platform capabilities

  • Documented team's design decisions

  • Organized testing sessions with naive guests

  • Gathered feedback from guests for improving design of demos

  • Iterated design documentation

My Role

As a designer, I was tasked with devising tech demos that would best illustrate the capabilities of the platform, that other creators would be able to use as a starting point to create for an entirely new platform. I also created a design document detailing our design parameters and philosophy for future creators. I recorded user feedback for improving our iterations. ​

Experience Design


David Morales - Programmer

Huijie Bao - Designer & Producer

Alyssa Tang - Programmer

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