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Building Magical Worlds

Platform: Unity, Tobii Eye Tracking

Role: UX Designer, VFX Artist - Unity

Project Description

Our goal was to create a game using a novel interface, the Tobii Eye Tracker. In this fantasy world, the player is a student taking a class at a magical university. In order to do well in class, the player must stay awake, however this is hard when you are studying and getting no sleep. To help with staying awake in class, the player is able to hide behind their book to check their phone or drink an energy potion, but don't let the TA catch you!


  • Storyboarding and Game design

  • Some VFX art - Unity Particle System

  • 3D Asset support

Storyboarding/ UX Design



Producer/Sound Designer - Yincheng

3D Artist - Zizhuo

Programmer - Jailu

Programmer - Angela

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