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Little Red Cap & The Hunter

Platform: Unity, Quest 2

Role: Game Designer, Environment Artist

Project Description

A VR storytelling adventure, retelling the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. You, the Hunter, must aid Little Red in reaching grandma's house by slowing down the wolf.


  • Game mechanic and level design

  • User Research and Playtesting

  • Environment art and level design using Maya and Substance Painter

Design Process

One design challenge we had about mid way was how to make the gameplay more interesting, instead of just throwing rocks at The Wolf. We wanted to have a more "adventure" feel, so I had come up with a timing mechanic where the player must hit the dead tree at the right time to drop a branch and slow The Wolf without getting it in the way of and slowing down Little Red. This also required the guest to choose between carrying the ax for the tree, and throwing stones, which increased the tension.

In the level design, I made sure to have the Grandma's house visible from the guest's starting point, so that they had a good understanding of the goal and direction of the game.

Level Design


Hui Feng - Programmer

Qiwen Yu - Sound Designer

Damien Xie - Character Artist

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