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Street Fighter 6 x Discord 

Platform: Discord, Mobile AR, Niantic ARDK, Inworld AI

Role: XR Designer and Creative Strategist


"What's the password?"

This was a project proposal to help highlight the story telling capabilities of XR along side the delivery or launch of a product. The campaign would be broken down into two parts;

  • A cross-promotion campaign for the release of Street Fighter 6 that would be exclusively accessible through Discord Nitro

  • An exclusive on-site event using Niantic ARDK or other Mobile AR tech, featuring content (the fighters) from SF6

The idea was to replicate the feeling of an old-school arcade tournament, spread by word of mouth. The feeling of a backroom brawl, only accessible to an audience of dedicated Street Fighter fans.

Getting the word out

Discord Plays Street Fighter

  • Similar to the “Twitch plays Pokemon” event, but a Live stream of a commentated Street Fighter match. 

  • Using Emojis in the VC text chat, enough players have to register a particular combo in-order for it to execute. 

  • We’d want to mitigate the chaos of just random actions, so this functions like the “Democracy” version of Twitch plays Pokemon.

Twitch Plays Pokemon

Streamer "Dear Gamer" commentating on SF6 Finishing Moves

Fighter AI Chat Bot AMA

  • Discord Nitro users will be given access to an exclusive "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session with AI chat bots tailored to the Fighters’ personalities on the Street Fighter Discord server.

  • This can be accomplished with Inworld AI, powering character driven chat AI.

  • These AMAs will seed information about an upcoming event at real world locations.


Inworld AI can create a chat bot for any character

Inworld AI featured in Skyrim

The Prize Fight

Real World Street Fighter

  • After completing the initial promotion campaign, the trail would lead players to a real world location to witness a bout between two iconic Street Fighters

  • Using VPS tech from Niantic, the AR experience would be aware of the setting in the real world, occluding the fighters as they move around the scene

  • An example of this would be Ryu fighting Guile on the USS Intrepid in New York


Showcasing Niantic AR's Occlusion

E. Honda's special moves could be witnessed in the real world


The Intrepid is documented as a VPS mapped space by Niantic


A Street Fighter bout happening on an Aircraft Carrier, similar to the Intrepid

AR Bonus Stage Beat up

  • A fun and unique part of the Street Fighter franchise is the "Bonus Stage" beat up, where the player's objective is to simply chain together combos against an object, like a car wreck or refrigerator.

  • The location based AR event would allow players to participate in this fan-favorite spectacle via their mobile phones

The Bonus Stage of SF6

Too Much, Too Soon

Alternate Reality Game (ARG)

​While a great proposal for a guerrilla marketing campaign, something like an ARG would have taken too long to develop within the constraints set by the client. The proposal for the ARG would have gone like this:

  • A scavenger hunt which spans the internet and real world. Nitro users will be given a clue (such as a URL for a Discord server hidden in an image) based on Street Fighter lore to begin the hunt.

  • This game will take players across the internet and various Discord servers to solve puzzles that will lead to the next clue.

  • The game will end with a final clue, to the various locations around the world, which will host the VPS-Locked AR event live.

  • This pays homage to the international nature of the franchise, while also rewarding the dedicated fans

Untitled 3.png
Untitled 2.png

CICADA 3301 ARG, QR Codes to the next stage of the puzzle are posted around the world

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