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TerrARium @CMU

Platform: Meta Quest Pro (Mixed Reality Passthrough)

Role: XR Interaction Designer, Audio Designer


By Students,
For Students

TerrARium was a pilot research project exploring the effectiveness of mixed reality as a tool for exposure therapy in helping high school and early college students overcome social anxiety. The experience is aimed to make experience of simulated social situations that inspire a sense of confidence in social activities while staying in a safe environment with the use of Quest Pro passthrough. TerrARium was built as a platform to aid therapists in exposure therapy treatment, adjustable on a per patient basis.

My Role & Contributions

  • Designed User Experience for guests that may have little background in Mixed Reality

  • Designed the User Interface for dialog and data collection

  • Wrote branching narrative for sample experience

  • Incorporated input from stakeholders (CMU) and SMEs in final designs

  • Design documentation

documentation-3 (1).png
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